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    Gorditas Doña Tota.

    Since the beginning of 2011 we have worked hand in hand with the biggest mexican food chain in the world.

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    For more than 6 years we have teamed up with the most important hotel chain in Mexico and the world.

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    One of the most important and innovating manufacturing companies of electrical tools in the world, now available in Mexico.

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    Casas Javer.

    A Company that seeks to improve the living conditions for the Mexican family and that has become, in the last months, one of the main developing companies in the country.

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    Pabellon M.

    An mportant real estate development that offers office space, a hotel, a convention center, restaurants, retail space, heliport and concert venue in Monterrey; this project revitalizes the downtown area as a place where locals converge.

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    John Deere.

    The go-to brand for agricultural supplies, with more than 175 years of experience, guided by its fundamental values that distinguish the Company: integrity, quality, commitment and innovation.

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    Super Colchones.

    If there is something we have learned in 18 years of working with Supercolchones, besides selling mattresses, is how to forge strong human and comercial relationships.

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    Ashley Furniture.

    Ashley HomeStore is the no. 1 furniture brand in the US thanks to its quality, comfort and elegance. Now the brand is in Mexico City and is aiming to become part of each Mexican family.

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    Soriana has become the most important supermarket chain in Mexico. It has diversified its offer into 3 formats: Soriana Híper, Soriana Mercado and Soriana Súper. In the digital market it is divided into for premium and exclusive products, and for groceries delivery.

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    Puertas Abiertas.

    When people with disabilities have access to the work opportunities they deserve, the companies become more competitive. A more inclusive world is a more fair world.

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    Ballet de Monterrey.

    We believe that sharing culture and art is the best weapon to fight social problems. BdM is an internationally renowned ballet Company.

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    International Company founded over 24 years ago in China, it arrived in Mexico in 2006. Since then, its main focus has been in giving Mexicans comfort, wellbeing and the best technology in air conditioning available in the world.


The most important Association in Mexico. Nearly 80% of the country´s advertising budget is exercised through its affiliates.

An anti-establishment consulting firm that works together with companies to find opportunities and help them grow.