Purpose as a starting point


The world is being transformed exponentially. Faced with this reality, universities worldwide have begun to change their educational models, but very few have been able to evolve at the necessary pace.

With this in mind, U-ERRE began an aggressive process of transformation that goes back 5 years, and seeks to generate more prepared professionals to face the world, turning their teachers into coaches, classes into workshops, and lectures into professional projects with real world applications. By doing this, they empower their students’soft skills—leadership, adaptability, and emotional intelligence.

Along with U ERRE, we created a campaign that shows this transformative vision. We were also part of the team that defined the purpose that will help them continue making it a reality.

In collaboration with The Flying Duchess & Co. we generated a series of workshops where we joined different perspectives to help discover and articulate an authentic, and timeless purpose for their mother brand Talisis:

Transforming communities through people.

With this mission as a guide we created "Built to change", a concept that helps us communicate and add people to the brand’s purpose.


In addition, we joined forces with Interius & Co. to integrate the value offer of the university under the same digital strategy, closing the gap between the brand’s promise and the user experience.

Thanks to its purpose and its innovative learning model, today U-ERRE is attracting people who share their vision of the future, people who not only seek a professional degree, but who seek to change the world they live in.

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