An authentic identity, like its legend


As old as the elaboration of mezcal is the tradition of telling stories.

Mezcal Malacara fuses in the same recipe the richness of its flavors, with the legend of its founder Silvestre Malacara, a traveler who found his roots in Oaxaca.

Through storytelling and a mystical graphic identity, we build a brand that celebrates human duality.

For the development of the graphic identity of the Mezcal Malacara we collaborate with Chapter & Co., our chapter specialized in brand identity and that is part of our collaboration community. Together we were inspired by the work of artisans, their talent and their darkest secrets, to create a personality that invites you to discover everything that the brand hides.

Each graphic material was elaborated in an artisanal way, mixing modern design techniques and Oaxacan engraving style.

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We create a comprehensive brand experience, which ranges from the design of the logo, the uniqueness of each bottle, its sales materials and the website.

Silvestre Malacara created the mezcal, we created the legend, now it is in the hands of people to write the new stories that will be told around the brand.

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