Let's celebrate our imperfections.


In a pulverized category that is full of clichés, GNC sought to change the conversation, becoming a more humane and relevant brand for new market segments. We went out to the streets, talked to different kinds of users, and discovered one thing that we all have in common:

We believe that wellness is about having a perfect life when it actually is about seeking a better quality of life.

This is how GNC decided to become the brand that would challenge all those absurd ideas of perfection, and show people how they truly are imperfect but authentic, striving to live a little better, one day at a time.

We shared the stories of real people, creating a unique graphic identity for the brand.

Anterior Siguiente
Anterior Siguiente

We collaborated in the articulation of GNC’s purpose, which resulted in a more human communication effort, and helped build authentic connections with its users.

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