Its origin inspired more than a really good beer.


Rrëy beer was born because two passionate entrepreneurs wanted to give their city a beer that lived up to the city’s name.

Without ever resigning to their deeply local DNA, and their almost obsessive taste for BBQ (locally, AKA carne asada), a deeper exploration led them to find more intense motivations: “Truth is, I began this project because I wanted to create something epic, and demonstrate to the world that, yes, it is possible to achive your dreams.” From there, the purpose of the company was extracted:

We exist to inspire the world to never settle for less.

After articulating their most intimate source of essence, we picked up our pencils in search of a concept that could voice that purpose. That is how our phrase was born:

Hazlo Real, which literally translates as “make it real”, has a second definition Spanish: ‘make it royal’ only makes sense because Rey (Rrëy is short for Monterrey, too) means king. Hazlo Real invites people to bring to life what they dream about. This is how Rrëy beer keeps its purpose real: to inspire the world to never settle for less, as it is the case for the beer they’ve given to Monterrey: a beer that very well represents the essence of their beloved city.

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