Can a deli brand talk about the things that really matter?


Toledo is one of the leading brands in cold cuts in Guatemala and Central America; its purpose: to unite families around food preparation.

But, why would anyone be interested in what a deli brand have to say?

For the launch of their premium turkey line, we heard thousands of conversations relating to time spent with the family.

We found that Guatemalans value those moments beyond anything else. However, truth is, in today’s fast paced world, it is very hard to be mindful of our priorities at all times.

This is how we found a tension:

Life is full of distractions that keep us from living the precious family moments to the fullest.

Why not be the brand that brings to the table what truly matters?

If the important stuff is vital:

This is a reminder that what matters the most we already have at home, an invitation to take it easy, and to take off our shoulders, the weight of the world around us. In the making, this approach challenged the conventional brand communications category codes.

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Toledo vital, a brand that relaunched its purpose through the best there is in turkey products, to celebrate the vital matters in life.

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