A savory solution.


Since the beginning, Gorditas Doña Tota has pampered people with quality ingredients and the experience of true Mexican food.

However, since the brand plays in the fast food category, communicating quality attributes with sound credibility to the users has become a constant challenge.

After exploring the trends among our users we discovered that for Mexicans, concepts such as home, authenticity and tradition, are directly associated with quality.

In short, food is a reflection of what we are, that's why we decided to take the seasoning from Doña Tota's kitchen and sprinkle it on all the experiences generated by the brand.

We created Sazón bien Mexicano; more than a campaign, it has become a platform that is redefining the brand, from the language with which it communicates, to innovation in products, promotions and experiences in restaurants.

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Today we continue discovering new ways to add flavor to everything that Gorditas Doña Tota is. So, by the time you read this, we’ll have new things to share with you.

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